13-15 MAYO 2025 | BILBAO - BEC

Friendly Machines

Thu 18 Apr | 11:00 - 11:45

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a ubiquitous reality, which is transforming the way we work and enriching our capabilities. We have to adapt to the future changes brought by AI, which will lead us to improve efficiency and innovation in various areas. In this talk, Macarena will tell us how AI will not only change our work practices, but also complement them, emphasizing the need to evolve alongside these emerging technologies. If you want to know how, don’t miss it.

Macarena Estevez

Macarena Estevez

Fundadora y CEO

Circulo de Ingenio Analitico

Romina Zace

Romina Zace

Maestra de ceremonia