13- 15 MAY 2025 | BILBAO - BEC

How to face the new challenges of Industry 4.0, sustainability and competitiveness? What are the latest developments in automation, robotics, logistics digitalisation or new sustainable materials?

Professional visitors to PICK&PACK for FOOD INDUSTRY will be able to acquire useful strategies to relaunch their business in the digital era, improve their competencies and skills and successfully implement new technologies, solutions and services. With more than 180 experts in the field, Pick&Pack offers you a unique opportunity to show your leadership in front of thousands of professional visitors. Take the stage and share your experience and innovative ideas.

PICK&PACK for FOOD INDUSTRY brings together the European Logistics Summit 2024 and the Packaging 4.0 Congress, two technology and knowledge transfer forums that holistically cover the entire value chain of industrial professionals’ needs thanks to a specific agenda for each professional profile and various vertical forums for the food and beverage industry.

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Agenda 2023


The European Logistics Summit 2024 will focus on logistics digitalisation, robotics, reverse logistics, improvements in automation and intelligent storage systems, new tracking and labelling systems, supply chain, cold logistics, IoT, cross-docking applications and the new challenges facing logistics professionals.

The European Logistics Summit will offer a specific agenda for each professional profile through specific vertical forums to respond to the challenges of the food and beverages sector.


Key topics PICKING

• Challenges of the new smart logistics
• Logistics automation systems
• New challenges for professional logistics profiles
• Reverse Logistics
• Logistics digitalization
• Improvements in automation
• IoT applied to the logistics sector
• New tracking and labelling systems
• Cross-Docking applications
• The new Supply Chain
• Cold logistics

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The Packaging 4.0 Congress, co-organised with the Packaging Cluster, will bring a new vision to the packaging industry, between emotional packaging and functional packaging, through experience and personalisation, to solutions in terms of sustainability or intelligent packaging, among other topics such as industrial equipment, new production processes, 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Revalue), corporate branding, without forgetting topics related to e-commerce, applied digital technologies, comfort, functionality, disruption and smart printing.

Key topics PACKAGING

  • Industrial equipment
  • New Production processes
  • 3R (Recycle, reuse, revalue)
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Corporate branding
  • Innovation in the production chain
  • Smart packaging
  • Active packaging
  • Ecommerce Disruption
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Applied digital technologies
  • Product customisation
  • Convenience, functionality, disruption
  • Smart printing


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Food 4 Future World Summit 2024

Food 4 Future World Summit is the largest European Congress on innovation technology in the food and drinks industry. A unique platform where to discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative solutions. This a mandatory meeting for any professional who wants to boost their company to the maximum level of competitiveness and innovation.

We are looking for industry experts in the Food sector who want to impact and be part of the change in the Sector worldwide. Experts in Artificial Intelligence applied to the design of new foods, Technology industry for food production, Research and development centres applied to the improvement of food and resources, Climate change agents, Disruptive initiatives and solutions with impact on the sector, Start-ups that are revolutionizing and satisfying unmet demands in the market, Business models and success stories of companies and multinationals in the industry, Scientific associations and universities with applicable research to improve production processes, Companies and designers of more sustainable packaging and packaging.

This Call is open to consortia (public-private), industry experts, social activists, technology companies, researchers, analysts and people with strategic visions who can help us inspire global leaders in the food ecosystem.

Enjoy more than 56 conferences in our 5 scenarios, where more than 450 international speakers will offer us several forums and agendas carefully designed for each professional profile and vertical industry.

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